Salter Statues

The Statues

The original statue by sculptor, Diane Gorvin, was installed in 1991. It showed a kindly Dr Salter in his old age waving to his daughter, Joyce, leaning against the Thames wall with her cat nearby. Diane has called the ensemble of statues Dr Salter’s Daydream: “It represents the daydream of an old man remembering happier times when his ‘sunshine’ was still alive.” The picture above shows that statue of Alfred, stolen by metal-thieves in November 2011. The statues of Joyce and the cat were not stolen, and are still being kept in store by Southwark Council.

The Salter Statue Campaign was set up soon after the theft. It consists of local residents, local Councillors, the MP Simon Hughes, Quakers, environmentalists, Alfred Salter’s great-niece, Johanna Crawshaw, and descendants of Ada’s family. After a public consultation organised by Southwark Council it was decided to replace the statue of Alfred, create a new statue of Ada, and reunite them with the statues of Alfred and Joyce. It was also decided to ask the original sculptor, Diane Gorvin, to recreate the ensemble.